• Gum Additives
    Gum Additives
    • Palm Oil
      Palm Oil

      Emulsifiers & Stabilizers

      • E406 Agar
      • E407 Carrageenan
      • E412 Guar Gum
      • E410 Locust Bean Gum
      • E415 Xanthan Gum


      So just why are stabilizers added to ice cream? note that the primary purposes for using stabilizers in ice cream are to:
      • Increase mix viscosity
      • Retard ice crystal and lactose crystal growth during storage
      • Help prevent shrinkage of the ice cream during storage
      • Reduce the rate of meltdown


      Emulsifiers are added to ice cream to:
      • Promote the partial coalescence (coming together) of fat particles
      • This partial coalescence contributes significantly to smooth and creamy texture due its effect of stabilising more numerous air bubbles during the churning process
      • Produce a dry and stiff ice cream
      • Increase resistance to rapid meltdown

      Vegetable Oil & Fats

      Confectionery Shortening

      It is a hydrogenated palm kernel oil blend with excellent palatability and keeping quality.
      Recommended uses: Coating fat for biscuits and wafers, filling fat for biscuits, whipping cream fat, cocoa butter substitute for moulded products.
      Packaging: 20 kg PE-lined carton

      Ice Cream Fat

      Icecream fat is a hydrogenated palm oil blend with excellent palatability and keeping qualities.
      Recommended uses: ice-cream manufacturing, imitation dairy whipping cream, biscuit and wafer filling
      Packaging: 20kg PE-lined carton

      Cocoa Butter Substitute

      Cocoa Butter Substitute is hydrogenated palm kernel stearin.
      Use in confectionery manufacture as 100% substitute for Cocoa Butter.
      Packaging: 20kg PE-lined carton

      Bakery Margarines & Shortenings

      Pastry Margarine

      Traditional pastry pieces are an excellent product for the manufacture of Puff and Flaky pastry.
      Recommended uses: pies, sausage rolls, apple turnovers and other sweet and savory puff pastries
      Packaging: 10kg & 20kg PE-lined carton

      Premium Vegetable Margarine

      It is the ideal alternative to butter for all Bakery and Foodservice applications.
      It has a silky mouth feel, and exhibits outstanding butter flavour and texture in finished baked product.
      Recommended uses: biscuits, cakes and shortbread
      Packaging: 10kg & 20kg PE-lined carton

      Croissant & Danish Margarine

      It incorporates a natural buttery flavour for the manufacture of premium pastry products.
      Recommended uses: croissants, danish and shortbread
      Packaging: 10kg &20kg PE-lined carton

      Short Pastry Margarine

      With a proven baked through butter flavour, it adds that extra stamp of quality to all your short and sweet pastry lines.
      Recommended uses: short crust, pie and quiche bases
      Packaging: 10kg & 20kg PE-lined carton

      Premium Cake Margarine

      A premium cake margarine with a buttery baked through flavour and texture. It gives excellent lift and volume.
      Recommended uses: cakes and biscuits
      Packaging: 10kg & 20kg PE-lined carton