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            Fruit Pieces

            For Dairy Industry, depending on the clients’ requirements and the use of the product, we supply high-sugar fruit preparations for quarks, preparations for yogurts and concentrate or puree-based components for drinking yogurts, buttermilk and flavoured kefir. We also have “light” components – sugar free or with lowered amount of sugar.

            Product Characteristics

            • Preparations for yogurt with fruit pieces-used to be mixed with „white base” to create fruit yoghurt. They can also be applied on top or in a separate compartment of packaging
            • Preparations for quarks with fruit pieces- used to create fruit quarks
            • Preparations for buttermilk and milk drinks- for the production of drinks based on buttermilk, milk or other milk products

            Various Uses

            • Yogurts
            • Drinks
            • Desserts
            • Cottage cheese
            • Milkshakes

            Product Applications

            • Stirred
            • Whirled
            • Side by side
            • Underlaid
            • Toppings
            • Dual compartment

            Fruit Juice Conc. & Purees

            Manufacturers around the world are searching for natural fruit and vegetable concentrates, to optimize their own formulations & reduce cost and complexity whilst improving their products.
            A List of our concentrates are
            • Apple
            • Apricot Puree
            • Berries
            • Carrot
            • Date
            • Grapefruit
            • Guava
            • Mango
            • Mix fruit
            • Orange
            • Peach Puree
            • Pear
            • Pineapple
            • Pomegranate
            • Red Grape
            • Sour-cherry
            • Tomato
            • White grape


            What is the difference between concentrate & NFC?

            If you want that “straight-from-the-grove” taste, it’s all about how you treat your oranges.
            NFC is squeezing, flash-pasteurizing and pouring into freshness-saving cartons. Then packed so the world can enjoy—no water, sugar or preservatives are added.
            “From-concentrate,” on the other hand, means that the fruit is squeezed and its water is extracted using heat and pressure. This produces a “concentrated” form, like what you’ll find in the frozen-food aisle. Later, the water gets added back in—and then the juice is pasteurized and packaged.